I’m Moxy, owner and mistress of all-things-creative. I run Vinehall Studios and I’m passionate about creating vibrant animations that stop your audience in their tracks.

Here at Vinehall Studios, we work hard so that your audience doesn’t have to. We love designing animated motion graphics that bring your business to life, simplify communication and create meaningful, lasting connections with the viewer.

We’ve got a real soft spot for working with businesses and agencies who want to get stuck in, be collaborative and get involved in the creative process. No one knows your business like you do, and what makes it unique will be the secret ingredient to the spectacular results you want!

Moxy - The Boss - Vinehall Studios
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Moxy took my social media header and recreated it in order to animate it. She exceeded the brief by recreating the image.

We now have an eye-catching product we can use in our social media which shows what we do.


Simon Robinson 05/06/2020


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