Roxy Guitarist

Who’s that Girl?


Where did the name Moxy come from?

First Came ROXY:

Many moons ago, too many than I care to remember I wanted to learn the guitar… again.  I bought a guitar, had a tinker and decided that I really needed the discipline from a tutor.  My tutor then said “Electric or Acoustic”.  I never considered electric and thought that would be far more exciting and said “Electric” and he replied “Watch out Rock Chick coming through”, to which I replied “Rock Chicken”  …(being of a slightly older generation)  which was then shortened to “Rock C”….. hence the “Roxy”.

So FOXY?   Guitar hanging on the wall gathering dust, I started working with a person who was unable to produce an “R” so I became “Foxy”.  I really didn’t feel like a Foxy, but it was fun at the time.

Now we are getting there: MOXY I never felt like a Foxy, so when I started a long term photography contract, I was told that I would be designated a nickname unless I gave them one right away. So here we are, many years down the line.  “Moxy“…. and before you ask the nickname I would have been given was “David”.  Thank goodness it never came to that.  No disrespect to all the “Davids” out there, it is just not for me.