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Elite Little Meetup

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Russ Deacon

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Wealden Cake Company

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Growth By Design

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Are you getting lost in all the distractions

[video width="1920" height="1080" mp4="" loop="on"][/video] Are you getting lost in all the distractions Battling for Attention Distractions by Kehlani Currently, there is so much noise in the world.  I am not talking about sound itself, but all the adverts pushed either blatantly or subliminally. They appear on your telly, magazines,...

Crystal Ball

Previous Prophetic Post

Previous Prophetic Post "Fortune Teller" [Robert Plant and Alison Krauss] Who would have guessed that since my last post the whole world changed. COVID - 19 I am blessed that so far I am healthy and it hasn't really affected anyone close to me, but it had a detrimental effect...

hanging up my camera

Giving Up, Giving In

Humour for those who don't like Mondays "Giving Up, Giving In" [Three Degrees] Just a bit of humour for a Monday morning I'm posting this with a heavy heart... As much as I love photography , it takes up too much of my time and I am struggling to keep...

Moxy - The Boss - Vinehall Studios

Who’s that Girl

Who's that Girl? [Madonna] Where did the name Moxy come from? First Came ROXY: Many moons ago, too many than I care to remember I wanted to learn the guitar... again.  I bought a guitar, had a tinker and decided that I really needed the discipline from a tutor.  My...

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I recently asked Moxy to help me with animating our business logo, as I wanted a professional intro and exit piece of footage to top and tail some video work I was undertaking.
Moxy took a solid briefing of my requirements, and within just a couple of days had produced an animation as per my request. I asked for one very minor alteration to be made on seeing the first draft and this was completed within just an hour or so.
Overall I found working with Moxy to be a very positive experience, and I am happy to recommend her to anyone needing logo animation or similar services.

Tim Rylatt 05/06/2020


Call: Moxy – The Boss

01424 575075 (office)

07912 344954 (mobile)