Giving Up, Giving In

Humour for those who don't like Mondays "Giving Up, Giving In" [Three Degrees] Just a bit of humour for a Monday morning I'm posting this with a heavy heart... As much as I love photography , it takes up too much of my time and I am struggling to keep...

Who’s that Girl

Who's that Girl? [Madonna] Where did the name Moxy come from? First Came ROXY: Many moons ago, too many than I care to remember I wanted to learn the guitar... again.  I bought a guitar, had a tinker and decided that I really needed the discipline from a tutor.  My...

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I am so pleased with the animated logo that Moxy designed for me. I love the animated butterfly, it's fantastic!

Adding the animation has been a subtle but effective way to draw people's attention to my logo, which is important as I am trying to build up my brand.



Jessica Fleischer 05/06/2020


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